Las Vegas Eye Lash Technician Mariana Castro  - Advanced Esthetician - Glorious Lashes 465

Blessed to have been one of the Top 25 Lash Artists of Las Vegas. 

My name is Mariana Castro. I was born in Guanajuato Mexico but was raised in Las Vegas. I am the owner of Glorious Lashes 46:5. 

I am an Advanced Esthetician. I offer Lash extensions, facials, body waxing, and micro-needling, as well as eyebrow lamination, lash lifts, etc.. but my specialty is lash extensions. Another of my specialty is wispy lashes.

I began my journey in 2019. I loved getting my lashes done by an amazing lash tech here in Las Vegas and it always caught my attention so I decided to pursue it. I love seeing my client's transformations. Love how excited and happy they feel when I hand them the mirror. I enjoy seeing how every single lash set is so unique and no set comes out the same even if it's the same mapping. I love getting creative with every single set and giving it my signature style. I am beyond blessed to have so many amazing clients that have stood with me since day one. I will also start offering more one on one training at the beginning of the year.

I want to help other girls peruse their dreams because there are so many amazing things the beauty industry has to offer, and there is always room for everyone. 

I sell lash trays, adhesives, primer and bonder, and many accessories a lash tech needs. My main priority is to give my clients fantastic service and an amazing experience oh and also some therapy time.

I have a bond with each and every client of mine, I am their lash tech/therapist. I am so incredibly grateful and blessed to have been one of the Top 25 Lash Artists of Las Vegas.