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Glorious Lashes 465

UV LED Lash Extension Curing Set - The Glorious UV System -

UV LED Lash Extension Curing Set - The Glorious UV System -

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What is The Glorious UV System ?

Is a gel curing technique that bonds and cures false lashes to the natural ones using a safe, low-level LED light 

Is a new revolution in the eyelash extension industry, where LED light is used to strengthen the bond between the glue and the lashes.


The LED light and glue were tested and found safe by the strict testing method. The LED light is visible light not UV radiation. The spectrum range is 400-430 nm. The LED visible light is safe for the skin.

Before use, the operating instructions and all safety instructions must be read and observed. 
Experts say that there is no evidence that a UV eyelash extension causes damage. However, if there are known allergies to any of the ingredients in the UV eyelash adhesive, a patch test should always be performed beforehand.

During the entire application time, the customer should keep their eyes closed 100%, as with the conventional method of eyelash extension.


  • 1x LED light                                                                                
  • 1x Manual & User Guide
  • 1x Glorious UV LED Lash Glue 0.17 fl oz [5ml]
  • 1x Glorious Safety Glasses


  • Temperature is no longer a factor
  • No more bonder / sealer needed
  • No more waiting 24 -48 hours to wet lashes, can wet lashes immediately .
  • No more Irritation, red eyes! The LED Gel glue has a low level of odor and vapors.
  • LED Gel lash extensions stay 1.5 to 2 times longer than traditional lash extensions.                                                

LED Gel glue is water and oil resistant.

Up to 80% success rate with allergy customers

Cures within 1-2 sec. Completely off

Start using our Glorious System, you won’t regret it. 


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